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Wood Flooring Frequently Asked Questions

Wood floor sanding

Q. Can I hire the machinery and sand my floor myself ?

A. Yes, but we strongly advise that you use only the highest quality floor sanding machinery and materials that we provide. We receive many calls from people that have attempted to sand their own floors and are very unhappy with the results. To repair the damage usually requires a complete re-sand to achieve a smooth flat finish. Our sanding experts confirm that it is harder to sand a badly-sanded floor than one that has never been sanded. Our craftsmen are fully trained and have years of experience in sanding wooden floors to a perfect finish.

Q. Are your sanding machines 100% Dust free?

A. A totally dust-free sanding machine hasn't yet been invented, but MFS (NW) uses machines manufactured by Bona, a world-leading innovator of floor sanding technology. Our Bona sanding machines are up to 95% dust free, making them superior both in dust collection and technology to the older style of floor sander commonly found in equipment hire shops.

Q. Do all of your sanding machines have a dust collection system?

A. Yes. Virtually every piece of equipment we use has some form of dust collection, although we cannot guarantee these machines will collect every particle of sawdust. However, the vast majority of sawdust is collected and we will endeavour to leave your home or business as dust free as possible.

Q. Should I have my wood floor sanded before or after the decorators/ builders have been in?

A. The best time to have your floors sanded would be just before the the skirting boards are painted. Although our machinery gets very close to the edge, it does not sand under the skirting. Also, skirting boards are the only part of a room that could possibly get scuffed by our machines. Skirting boards apart, we should begin sanding your floor once building work and decorating have finished.

Sealing and Staining Wooden Floors

Q. Which lacquer seals do you use, and will the area smell when you apply a lacquer seal?

A. We only use commercial-quality water-based lacquers to seal a wooden floor; usually the professional Bonakemi lacquers, 'Resident', 'Traffic' or 'Mega'. The lustre (polished effect) of the lacquer finish depends upon customer requirements and the time frame involved.

The area will be virtually odour free when the floor has been sealed as water-based lacquers have barely any smell at all and are now the industry standard.

Q. Im thinking of having my wooden floor stained....what are the pros and cons?

A. Apart from the additional expense, the only real downside of staining a wooden floor is that skirting boards will need re-touching or cleaning after the staining process. Masking the skirting boards does not guarantee that stain won't seep through. Unfortunately, we have to stain right up to the edge of the floor, otherwise there will be unstained areas around the skirtings which spoil the overall look.

Filling Gaps in Wooden Flooring

Q. Do i need to have my gaps filled?

A. This is purely a question of personal preference as there is no hard and fast rule that says gaps must be filled.

If you require MFS (NW) Ltd. to fill the gaps in your wooden floor the cost for this service is from £4.00 per square metre.

Q. I've heard that the resin filler used to fill floor board can fall out after a while. Is this true?

A. Yes this can happen in some cases for a number of reasons. Too much movement in the boards, caused by thin, worn or loose boards or too much space in between joists which causes the boards to flex, can work the filler from the gaps over a period of time.

Wood floor renovation

Q. My wooden floor seems in reasonable condition but needs tidying up a bit; is there anything you can do?

A. Yes! A maintenance Sand and Seal could be the answer.We'll give your floor a light sand with our screening machine providing anything between a 60 grit and a 120 grit sanding screen. This will typically take off about a layer of lacquer and can remove minor scuffs, scrapes and scratches, although it will not take out deep scratches and gouges. We will then vacuum the area and seal and finish the floor with a coat of lacquer.

Q. I have seen a renovated wooden floor in a magazine or at a friends house. Can you guarantee that my floor will look like their floor?

A. No. Every wooden floor has different characteristics that make it unique. Some may sand up beautifully and clean but others may not. There may be shading around the edges caused by bitumen, sunlight, leaks, carpet backing, spills and any number of other events that have affected the floor over time. Cuts from Stanley knives where carpet has been laid are sometimes very deep and cannot be sanded out. Saw cuts from plumbing work can be fixed by replacing the boards, but at an extra cost.

Bear in mind that original floors may be well over 100 years old - this needs to be taken into account when drawing comparisons. We can make the best of the floor you have already have, but we cannot make it new again. If you'd like a wooden floor that looks brand new, then please ask us about supplying and laying a new one.

We haven't space here to answer every question you might have about wood flooring, but we'd be happy to answer them for you and give you free advice if you contact us.

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