Heritage Flooring

Heritage builds are a significant interest to many individuals, and the flooring of heritage buildings play a pivotal role in adding to the character of the building as well as providing some important insight into the historical relevance of the architecture.

Listed buildings could have been around for centuries, therefore, they are bound to have had lots of use during their lifetime. When conducting heritage floor repairs, it’s crucial to protect and preserve the surface as well as further contributing to the floors importance through restoring it. We start by taking a full investigation of the surface to gain a proper understanding of the floor construction as well as the overall importance of the floor itself. We take the time to properly assess the damage to ensure we execute the most suitable repair solution.

It is imperative to properly maintain heritage floors so that future repair or maintenance work is less likely. We aim to provide a safe and long term solution for your floor as well as enhancing the existing character of the surface. Every heritage building is different with a variety of requirements, so we will work with you to find a solution to whatever your needs are.

We are wood floor specialists that are able to repair, restore, or renovate heritage building flooring. We have a team of highly skilled and professional tradesman that are guaranteed to respect the site and the heritage building when undertaking any repair or restoration work.

Our services are renowned for the high standards we set, and we offer our clients a tailored services that enables us to deliver a project that is special to you and meets your exact requirements. If you are based in North Wales or the North West of England and are interested in restoring or repairing heritage building floors then please get in touch with us.

We take safety extremely important and that is why we are approved ‘SAFE Contractors’ and have full accreditation from the Contractors Health and Safety Scheme (CHAS). In addition to this accreditation, we are fully approved building contractors for the UK’s leading insurance companies and county councils.

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